Social Media Etiquette During Tragedy

Social media can be our best friend during a tragedy by helping us collect the information we’re looking for fast, but social media can also make your institution look insensitive during a time of crisis if not curated correctly.

Do you manage multiple social media accounts at your school? Do you schedule posts for future times and dates? They’re a great way to strategize and save time, especially if you’re an army of one…. but pay attention to current events that might prevent scheduled tweets, Facebook updates, and Google+ posts from being published.

Know when to reschedule, or simply cancel any future scheduled activity. Consider the reaction by your audience should something get published during an inappropriate or dreadful moment in the news.

As a social media manager, its common sense to always know what is scheduled and when — so edits can be made to cripple any chance of making your school look out of touch and detached from the real world.